No Personal Information Needed

No Personal Information Needed
Begin the journey with just your and the organisation’s/institution’s name. It is not unusual to see a lot of applications necessarily ask for a lot of details, that can go from your birthdate to your account information.

Therefore, one can sign up on this all device supporting software with something as basic as identity and industry, without any conditions or pretext attached to the same.

Other Features: On-Demand Webinars,  Branded Webcasting, Polls, Assessments and Q&As with Broadcasting, Activity Room Moderation, Change Presenter, White Board availability, Document Doodling, Voice based Notifications and Alerts, Live Video Streaming, Analytics Reports, CSV Exports, Shared Notes Download, Lower Bandwidth operations, Negligible Latency, Multiple Language Selection, License Control to the Subscribers, Private and Public Chat options, Browser integrity, Multiple screen-sharing and two-way Audio-Video, Activity log and Recording Facility, End-to-end Encryption and SSL Certification

Domains: Educational Institutions, Training Schools, Academies, SME/MSME’s, Corporates, Private Owner, Professionals, Banks, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Government Machineries

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