About Us

Meet your colleagues in the new era of fluid communication with VueCam, where the lens to the future captures the heart of community working style. Brought to you by YellowSpree Technologies, the software advocates an exceptional videoconferencing and webinar performance by joining in the Indian Digital Revolution.

However, it reached its potential to become under the mentorship of GTU (Gujarat Technological University) Innovation Council.

Beginning its journey on August 15, 2020, it paves the pathway to freedom from travel and infrastructural expense with its plug and play approach. So, it independently syncs with any available system to enable content sharing via voice, chat and video; especially for you.

One just needs to ‘Vue’ this as an opportunity to access a complete host-controlled platform with additional advantage of reliability. This streams from its regional headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, networking with the unabated support from the team of technical experts and training professionals.

Their constant availability at the back end lends any enterprise, cloud or hybrid solution seeker, shared as well as private, with easy contact management, alongside an assurance of all levels of privacy through end-to-end encryption and security through SSL certification.

Secularly developed to run on browser-based operating systems, VueCam bridges an experience that is beyond the strategies in Boardroom and learnings in a Classroom!

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